Apple body shape

Plus size dresses for apple shapes

How to dress the apple body shape

Finding the right plus size dress to suit your body shape isn’t always easy; you need to find the perfect balance between dressing to suit your shape and dressing in styles you like and feel comfortable in.

What style of plus size dress will suit me?

Apples are generally in good proportion; the only problem is a slight lack of a defined waistline, which can easily be made more defined by dressing in flattering styles. Apple body shapes should go for empire line and bias cut shapes that hide a fuller stomach. Wrap dresses too are great for creating an hourglass silhouette and a more defined waistline.

Plus size dresses for apple shapes – what to avoid!

Avoid dresses that don’t have a defined shape like shift dresses and steer clear of waist belts, bows and other detailing at the waist, as these will make your stomach appear bigger. Clingy fabrics are a touchy area be careful not to choose styles that cling to your stomach.

Top tips for apple shapes

Keep an eye out for embellished necklines or hems as these create interest away from your widest point, lower cut dresses are also a great idea as they highlight your cleavage, which detracts from your waistline.